Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summing up the Weekend

I thrive on creating endless lists, on checking items off, of stopping to ask myself where I'm going and what I need to do to get there. I'm a goal setter, a planner, a big-picture gal forever stopping to re-evaluate the landscape, pulling the pieces together bit by bit to create the whole. This makes me feel accomplished, successful, happy.

That being said, here's my list of my long weekend's activities, opening up the space for the new week to begin. With 3 luscious days off, and things to do both necessary and needed, as well as important to body, mind and spirit, I end it tonight feeling full and joyful. This weekend I:

* watched 2 thoughtful movies with my sweetie ("The Invention of Lying" and "The Kids are All Right")
* made 3 organic, vegan and delicious dinners! Chili with soy chorizo my favorite; sweetie couldn't tell the difference.
* spent a sunny afternoon with my grandson at the zoo -- so many animals to be completely wowed by. Top of his list? The pony ride.
* yoga and a run
* errands run, correspondence with coaching client, emails answered and inbox cleaned
* worked on tax prep; almost done, with much organizing of paper, adding of numbers
* engaged in a lovely phone conversation with former client/current friend
* luxurious pedi + sister and two nieces = sparkly toes, sparkly attitude
* sleep, glorious long night's sleep
* very exciting conversation with Director of The Celebrant Foundation, the lovely Charlotte Eulette re future article writing on things Celebrant
* gave bath to big fluffy kitty Busty, who survived and loved his fluffier cleaner self

I'm so grateful for remarkable people in my life, amazing adventures and always what lies ahead. Feeling blessed with what is mine, right here, right now. There are changes happening within me, bubbling lightly, changes both subtle and stirring. It all happens step by baby step.

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